Product Stewardship is all about defining the main potential risks to your product business and taking concrete steps to reduce them. It has been defined as: “The demonstrable process by which we identify and manage our EHS business conduct, arising in – development, manufacture, distribution, marketing, use and ultimate disposal of our products – in a safe, healthy, environmentally sound and sustainable way which ensures conformity with local requirements and Company policy”. The concept is embraced by CEFIC and other regional chemical industry associations. It is Responsible Care applied to products.


With our extensive experience in risk management and our global network of experts, we can help you:

  • Review your product range and product life cycle, defining the main risk areas
  • Develop Product Stewardship action plan
  • Implement projects targeted to your business and potential risks
  • Provide training on Product Stewardship to your staff
  • Provide concrete measures for assessing progress
  • Develop suitable communications to your stakeholders