The production and marketing of chemicals for use in plant protection is extensively regulated around the world and the laws vary between regions. The leading regulations are from USA (FIFRA – Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act) and Europe.

Aside from chemical pesticides, a number of countries also regulate natural pest control agents based on fungi, bacteria, viruses, natural chemicals and plant extracts. More recently in Europe, the European Commission is addressing the possible regulation of biological control agents (Project REBECA, Regulation of Biological Control Agents). The diversity of the ever-changing regulations is quite a challenge to producers.


The skills of Linmark cover agrochemical intermediates and raw materials which are regulated in the same way as industrial chemicals. In addition, we are skilled in the regulation of Biological Pest Control Agents (BCPAs), which may include: microbials; semiochemicals (chemicals which modify the behaviour of insects), natural chemicals used for pest control, as well as invertebrate biological control agents. We understand the practical issues from both technical and regulatory standpoints.

  • Consultancy and advocacy on the regulatory aspects of pesticide raw materials, intermediates and formulants
  • Registration of agrochemical actives and formulated products through our associate companies
  • Advocacy with regulatory authorities in examples of difficult chemicals
  • Help in developing your regulatory strategy, filling data gaps, liaising with regulatory authorities, gaining registrations globally for microbial pest control agents
  • Marketing analysis and strategy for BCPAs
  • Advocacy for rational risk-based legislation