The manufacturers of Organoclays joined efforts for their REACH compliance activities and launched, in February 2009, the Organoclays REACH consortium.

Organoclays are naturally occurring clay minerals (phyllosilicates) which are surface treated specifically to change the hydrophilic surface into a hydrophobic surface without changing the structure of the clay mineral.

The REACH Consortium was formed and managed by Dr Martin Richards of Linmark Consulting, first as a sub-contractor to CEFIC’s ReachCentrum, and then directly by Linmark Consulting.

After the various Reach deadlines had passed and the work was largely completed, it made sense to pass the management of the Consortium to the International Minerals Associations (IMA) who already had an interest group EUBA, comprised of manufacturers of clay substrates. Many of these companies also manufacture organoclays as well.

From 1st January 2020, management of the Organoclays REACH Consortium moved to the IMA.
Linmark Consulting is grateful for the confidence of the Organoclay client companies over 11 years, and will continue to support them and IMA as needed.


For any enquiries, the Secretariat can be contacted at

Useful links

European Bentonites Association (EUBA)

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Updated: 10th June 2020