The regulatory climate is only increasing in complexity around the world. This makes it harder for small to medium and even the large companies to keep up with the regulations, to see what they mean to the business and to implement compliance processes. It is often necessary for companies to communicate their data and positions to a wide range of stakeholders. Sometimes, well-targeted external help is needed. Similarly, non-EU companies may need a body to represent their regulatory interests in either the European Union or Switzerland if they do not have offices in those regions. Our approach is always to: first understand the business aims and needs of the client, define regulations impacting on the client, conduct a stakeholder analysis, define and agree positions with the client, communication positions to the stakeholder community as necessary. The same holds for the companies where we represent their regulatory interests in a region. We go beyond compliance and dossier submission and on to the key points of communication and advocacy. We work as part of your team.

With our extensive experience in small and large businesses and our global network of experts, Linmark Consulting GmbH in Switzerland and its EU- and UK- registered subsidiaries are able to offer the following solutions:


  • Review stakeholders involved and assess their positions
  • Prepare and submit registration dossiers to appropriate authorities
  • Prepare, agree and make necessary communications to product customers and other parties
  • Conduct EU-wide multi-state chemical advocacy programmes
  • Offer EU Only Representative service under Reach
  • Sole Representative service in Switzerland
  • Conduct EU-wide multi-state or individual Member State advocacy programmes