Companies importing and placing chemicals on the market in the European Union, are required to under the Reach Regulation have a Legal Entity (LE) in an EU country. This LE can be a subsidiary company, an importer or distributor.
Many companies importing into the EU choose to use the services of an “Only Representative”, who takes responsibility for the Reach regulatory compliance on behalf of all the importing companies of the non-EU client.
The well-established Swiss and EU consultancy, Linmark Consulting, has formed a further EU company, Linmark Consulting Ltd Malta, to service the many clients who, due to Brexit, needed to move their EU Reach registrations out of the UK and into another EU country.
We look forward to providing this “Only Representative” service to EU importers. Similarly, Linmark Consulting Ltd UK will provide a similar service to companies importing into the UK and needing compliance with the forthcoming “UK-Reach” when the UK leaves the European Union.


Linmark Consulting expands to form European subsidiary in Malta