ECHA reminds that the last registration deadline for existing chemicals will be on 31 May 2018. This deadline concerns companies that manufacture or import substances in low volumes, between 1-100 tonnes a year.

 It is expected that the last deadline will be quite different from the two previous ones (2010, 2013), in terms of both the number of registrations and the type of registrants: ECHA’s current working estimation is that up to 60 000 registrations will be prepared for up to 25 000 substances, which is three times more than for either of the previous deadlines.

 In addition, many more of the registrants are expected to be inexperienced and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). ECHA continuously clarifies its estimations when more information on industry’s registration intentions becomes available.

 In January 2015, ECHA published its REACH 2018 Roadmap, which outlines the Agency’s plans to improve the registration process and to help companies in the run up to the registration deadline. The Roadmap, which was developed in close consultation with the stakeholders, is based on the seven phases of a successful registration process:

  1. Knowing your portfolio and starting now;
  2. Finding co-registrants;
  3. Co-operating with co-registrants;
  4. Assessing hazards and risks;
  5. Preparing the registration dossier in IUCLID;
  6. Submitting the registration dossier in REACH-IT; and
  7. Keeping the registration up-to-date.

 REACH 2018 will complete the gathering of data on substances on the European market, resulting in the most comprehensive chemicals database in the world. Once the registration is successfully carried out, REACH will result in a large scale improvement of human health and the environment in Europe. This is realised through the increased knowledge of companies in their everyday operations and the information in ECHA’s database for authorities to use in regulatory risk management. In addition, the increased knowledge on chemicals and their uses will be drivers for future innovations.



REACH 2018 – registration deadline for low-volume chemicals