The US EPA has invited comments on three draft test guidelines for its Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP). The tests are part of the program’s tier 2, which will be used for substances that show endocrine-disrupting properties in tier 1. The deadline for responses is 31 March.

The tests – the Japanese quail two-generation reproduction test, the Medaka fish extended one-generation reproduction test, and the larval amphibian growth and development assay – are designed to identify any adverse endocrine-related effects, caused by a chemical, and to establish a dose-response relationship. The draft test guidelines are part of a series, for use in testing pesticides, plastic ingredients and other industrial chemicals. The first list of substances is now undergoing tier 1 testing. A third list is due to be announced in 2016. Instructions are given on how to conduct the tests to provide data for submission under the requirements of the TSCA, FIFRA or the FDCA, but are not binding on either the EPA or outside parties. EPA is willing to assess diversions on a case-by-case basis.

US EPA seeks public consultation on its new endocrine disruptor test guidelines